• Shenzhen Gevon Lighting Co., Ltd.has arranged many internaltional exhibitions during past few years, inluding HK Lighting Fair, Dubai Lighting fair, Australia CeBIT, Malaysia  International  Sign & LED  Exhibition, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition etc.

  • Shenzhen Gevon Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Located in China's semiconductor lighting engineering industry base - Shenzhen Baoan, Gevon is a professional manuafacturer engaged in LED packaging and commercial lighting including R & D, production and sales as well as after service.

    Gevon advocates energy-saving environmental protection, green lighting in the indoor and commercial LED lighting market, providing high energy, low depreciation, long-life led commercial lighting products for customers at home and abroad.

  • We have been listed company in 2016 with four main investors, they are our chairman, Qinghuachuangfu Management Enterprise, Qianhaizhaohe AMC, our manager.

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